EmployeesNorth Carolina House Cleaning Services

We know that our most important asset is our employees. Every person who cleans your house is an employee of Magic House Cleaning Service. Each is supervised, fully insured and covered by workers’ compensation. Magic assumes all payroll tax responsibilities. Each employee before hire must:

  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Pass a drug screen test
  • Pass the professional cleaning program

Company Support

Magic House Cleaning Service stands behind our services and our employees. For you the advantages are:

  • Someone will promptly respond to any questions or concerns you may have
  • Cleaning will meet quality standards that are spelled out for you ahead of time
  • Adequate staffing to cover your cleaning schedule, avoiding interruption in service because of employee illness, vacation, etc.
  • The ability to accommodate schedule change requests
  • Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Our Commitment to the Health of the Environment

Eco-Friendly-WebMagic House Cleaning Service is committed to protecting the environment by using ecologically friendly chemicals. Additionally, we do not use fragrances. To control dust contamination, every sweeper utilizes a HEPA filtration system.